After a Long Journey Finally Closing on Building 4/27

I first found 1719 Broadway over a year ago.  It is in a great spot.  There are about half a dozen law firms within a few blocks of mine, and that is because our area is adjacent to downtown as well as close to the courts of Little Rock.   When I first looked at it, the building needed a lot of work.  I estimated 20-30k minimum based on what all needed to be replaced.  I could not figure out how to get the financing to both buy the building and do the upgrades.

Well, I checked in periodically and eventually another person bought it at a very nice price.  The seller actually went to the same law school as me and runs his own law firm.  He was doing the same repairs I wanted done.  I figured if I offered to buy it I would save them the trouble of finding a buyer and maybe be able to work out a deal that put a fair amount of money in their pocket while keeping the costs down on me.  Looks like it worked out.

I am set to close on April 27th, 2011.  I cannot wait to move in and start representing people.

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One Response to After a Long Journey Finally Closing on Building 4/27

  1. Layton Bowman says:

    Love your site. All the Bowman’s doing their final rest at Fort Douglas near Big Piney would be mighty proud of you and some could have sure used your sharp legal mind a time or two.

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