When Local Crimes Happen

Dear Readers,

Various street crimes are a common occurrence in my neighborhood during night hours.  The Arkansas State Capitol is less than 2 miles from my office. The Arkansas Governor’s Mansion is a block from my office.

Most street crimes are nonviolent and unreported.  Call me if you want to get a feel for those.  Right now, I am concerned with violent street crimes.  

On over a dozen confirmed occasions in the past six months, just that I personally heard, gunshots rang out.  Several months ago I began writing down the time of these shootings.  Most of these shootings are reported, but that is not true for all.  Furthermore, details such as timing are not always accurate.  Inaccurate details could lead to someone getting convicted when they do not deserve it.  If someone is wrongly convicted, then the actual criminal is free and clear to commit more crimes. 

I am going to start using social media to establish when gun shot times occur.  I hope to network with other neighborhood activists and expand to reporting more than shootings.


Seth L. Bowman

Attorney at Law

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