Example of Using Avvo for Question & Answer

I try and answer a few questions on AVVO per day.  Here is an example:

Q: I recently had a warrant for failure to pay a ticket. I have taken care of the payment and the warrant has been removed. My question is if I got a charge for failure to pay even though the warrant was not served and did not go to court. Thank you!

A:There’s over 100 district courts in Arkansas and they all work a little different. Failure to Comply (with court order) is what folks get when they don’t pay on schedule. It depends on which paper the court sent out first and what the prosecutor and court clerk did. Usually the warrant goes out after the charge. Often when the prosecutor is dealing with a warrant and a failure to do something they deal with them both at the same time. Lots of the time they are dropped with a proper legal excuse such as a medical appointment. I always check with the court clerk for my clients to see what exactly they are facing and check for any back due fines.

I’m happy to answer any questions you all have, but I must be fairly general unless you are a client.  Check out my website for more information at Arkansas Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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